Pollo con peperoni e patate

Chicken with peppers and potatoes

Chicken with peppers and potatoes, a very tasty second course

The chicken with peppers and potatoes can be cooked or baked in a pan.
The recipe that follows is the one made in the pan, the tastiest and an alternative to chicken with vegetables.

Ingredients Chicken with potatoes and peppers

Ingredients for 3 people

4 – 6 pieces of chicken
1 – 2 peppers possibly red and yellow
2 – 3 potatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Pitted black and green olives
Concentrated tomato
White wine
Fresh rosemary
Fine salt

Preparation of teh recipe chicken with peppers and potatoes in the pan

Wash the chicken, clean the peppers, remove all the seeds and cut them into small pieces, peel potatoes.

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In a pan put extra virgin olive oil, onion and garlic, brown slowly, when the onion has a yellow color put the chicken and let it brown on both sides.

Salt both parts, add the rosemary and when the water has evaporated put a glass of white wine and a spoonful of tomato paste.Chicken with peppers and potatoes

When the wine has evaporated add the potatoes.

During cooking, often mix the chicken with the potatoes.

Add the chopped peppers and olives only when the potatoes are half cooked.

Finish cooking on a low flame.

The chicken with peppers and potatoes can also be prepared the day before.

Preparation of teh recipe chicken with peppers and potatoes in an oven.

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To cook in the oven, place the chicken in an oven dish with oil, salt, rosemary and herbs.

Leave it to marinate for at least 1 hour add the potatoes, peppers and cook in the oven for about 40 minutes two minutes after the end of cooking add the olives.

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