Risotto alla parmigiana or Parmigiana risotto

Risotto alla parmigiana with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese crusts

Risotto alla parmigiana or Parmigiana risotto recipe is a typical Italian dish, originating in the city of Parma.
The “Risotto alla Parmigiana” can be made exclusively with Italian Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
This recipe, in addition to using Parmigiano Reggiano, also uses cheese crusts that give the dish a very intense and unique flavor.

The crusts of Parmigiano Reggiano, when cooked, will become soft and very tasty on the palate.
The preparation is very simple and requires little time, we recommend a rice for risotto such as Carnaroli.

Risotto alla parmigiana or Parmigiana risotto recipe

Ingredients for 4 persons

Rice  2 teacups

Parmigiano Reggiano

Beef broth  4  teacups


White wine

Extra virgin olive oil


Peel and chop the onion and put it in a saucepan with extra virgin olive oil, add the Parmigiano Reggiano crusts cut into small pieces.

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Sauté the onion and the crusts at a very low flame, stirring often.
When the onion and the cheese crusts are browned, add the rice.
After 3 – 4 minutes the rice will be toasted and in this way it will better absorb the sauce.
Cooking should be done with a delicate, fat-free meat broth.
In this case you can use the broth obtained from cooking the meat used to prepare the vitello tonnato.
Add the hot stock as the rice cooks.
A few minutes after the end of cooking, add the Parmigiano Reggiano and a little butter, so as to stir and soften the Parmigiana risotto o risotto alla parmigiana recipe.
A variant with Risotto alla parmigiana, can be obtained using white wine after toasting the rice.
Another variant adding the salami paste, before putting the rice, in this case it is recommended to use a red wine and a broth obtained from pork or add porcini mushrooms (Penny Bun Boletus edulis), instead of salami pasta and in this case can use a mushroom broth, but it is not recommended to use wine, which can alter the smell of mushrooms.
Risotto alla parmigiana or Parmigiana risotto can be a unique dish, although many consider it a first course.

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