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Vitello tonnato, the tunnied veal

Vitello tonnato

Vitello tonnato, the tunnied veal

Vitello tonnato, the tunnied veal, is a great appetizer

Vitello tonnato,  is a typical Italian dish from the Piedmont  (vitel tonnè) and Lombardy (vitell toné) regions .

Vitello tonnato is a simple recipe, easy to prepare, but to be prepared correctly, requires a minimum of 48 hours.

Ingredients   for 1 kg of meat 35.3 oz

Recipe without milk and gluten

Rump topside, the same meat used to make bresaola.

Mayonnaise  to your taste

Tuna (in oil or natural)   14 oz

Anchovies  1,8 oz

Capers   to your taste

3 Onions

1 Carrot

Celery     3,5 oz

Lemon   to your taste

2-3 Cloves

Vinegar  to your taste

Salt  to your taste




Remove excess fat from the meat, cook it in salted water and acidify with wine vinegar, adding celery, carrot, onions with cloves.

Cook the rump topside for 4 hours on low heat and leave to stand in water until cooling.

Put the meat, once cooled, 1 hour in the freezer in such a way that it is firm and can be cut without difficulty.

Remove the carrot and onions from the broth, remove the cloves and remove all the excess water.

Vitello tonnato


Preparation tuna sauce.

In a container put tuna, taking care to eliminate conserve oil, mayonnaise, lemon juice, capers, anchovies, onion and carrot (50 g of carrots and 50 g onion if the person is diabetic)

Switch everything to the mixer and adjust the lemon and salt to taste.

Cut the meat into slices or with a knife or a slicer.


In a baking dish put a first layer of tuna sauce, a layer of meat, another state of tuna sauce and another layer of meat, continue until the meat finishes.
Cover the last state of meat with tuna sauce and garnish with capers.
Put the pan in the fridge for 24 hours so that the meat absorbs the tuna sauce well.
The meat must have, on the palate, the consistency of tuna, firm, but at the same time must be crumbly.
Vitello tonnato,  is an appetizer, but in the hot season it can be an excellent second course.

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