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Kefir Cheese

How to Make Kefir Cheese

Kefir is a drink that is obtained with the granules of Kefir, you can be used to prepare the milk cow, sheep, goat or water.

The Kefir granules contain a polysaccharide Kefirian, rich in enzymes and yeasts, a probiotic.

The fermentation of the milk with the granules produce the Kefir milk.
From Kefir milk it is possible obtained yoghurt and if you continue the fermentation, we get the cheese.

These three fermentation steps, consuming lactose and makes a cheese “no-lactose”.

The Caucasian population, lactose intolerant, “Lattofilia”, eating kefir products, has had an adaptive mutation

The adaptive mutation or adaptive to a new food is the result of the migration of peoples from different places of the world.

How to make cheese Kefir

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Milk (cow, goat, sheep), possibly organic raw.

Kefir grains

Put into milk granules wrapped in a canvas, in order to remove more easily.

Put the covered container, but not closed, in a place with a temperature between 68° F  and  82,4 ° F .

The temperature of the environment, influences the preparation time, can vary from 2 to 5 days.

The milk kefir is ready after 24 hours.

Yogurt is ready after about 48 hours.

The first phase of the cheese is 3 days at 78,8 ° – 82,4 ° F.

After three days the milk, it separates into serum and thick crema.

Filter with a gauze the serum from the cream and put the cream in a perforated container in the refrigerator.

After 48 hours the cream will have lost all the whey, the cheese is ready to be consumed.

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1 liter of milk produced about 10,60 oz  of fresh cheese.

This spreadable cream can be flavored with chili, pepper, oregano, basil, chives and spices to taste, avoid adding salt to not block the enzyme activity.

This cheese is excellent with bresaola  adish for people on a diet,

The cheese is better if you eat it with homemade bread.

The products made with kefir are natural and suitable for all people.

The serum may be given to pets or used as fertilizer for plants.

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