Ligurian salted cake

Ligurian salted cake

The original recipe for the Ligurian salted cake

Ligurian salted cake is made with “gee”, ligurian name of chard, that you can grown in the garden of the your house.
If you not having the vegetable garden, you can grow the chard in a vase, on the balcony or terrace.

The beets or gee grow in less than a month and when it will be at least 20 cm high, you can pick up.



Puff pastry

Chard or “gee” (Beta vulgaris var. cicla)    alternatively:  artichokes, spinach, escarole

Cottage cheese or milk curds  alternatively:  Kefir cheese , fresh cheese, ricotta cheese,   fresh cheese without lactose.

Eggs       (eggs are optional)




Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

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Black pepper


The original recipe provides that the Italian  salted cake is prepared with milk curd.

To prepare the curd must buy high quality milk possibly raw and it is left at room temperature for a minimum of 30 days.

After 30 days, the milk is curdled, the whey is removed and the solid part of it is used to prepare the Ligurian salted cake.


In a pan put a little extra virgin olive oil, onion and garlic to brown, when the onion is wilted add before the stems of chard and then the green part.

In a baking sheet lay out the puff pastry.

When the chard are cooked and the water has all evaporated add to taste the ricotta cheese or kefir or milk curds.

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Mix the beets with milk curd and pour it on the puff pastry, a pinch black pepper and basil.

Optional to each portion put a whole egg in the center.

Cover with puff pastry and put in the oven at 356° F for 30- 40 minutes.


Serve warm or cold

The Ligurian salted cake can be a starter or a second plate or a single pot.

In Liguria this salted cake is typical of Easter Day “Pasqua” (with eggs), so many Ligurian call “Cake Pasqualina”

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