The recipe for the homemade bresaola

The homemade bresaola

The bresaola, is a typical Italian meats, lean and light,which is different from dried meat and is not smoked.

Bresaola is a dish widely used by people who are dietary and follow low carb diets

The bresaola from Valtellina, is the most renowned in the world, following precise rules for its production, but the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) provides that the meat can may be from the Valtellina, and even from abroad.

The bresaola can be made with different cuts of meat and, depending on the cut, the weights vary.

Bresaola is a great dish for dieters and can be accompanied with kefir cheese and homemade bread.

To make the homemade bresaola we recommend cuts not exceeding 1,500 kilograms  (53 oz) and in this case you prefer to cut meat “eye round roast”


Recommended flavors

Salt (large-grain salt, minimum mandatory dose is 25 g – 0,88 oz / kilogram)

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Ascorbic acid Vit C 2 g 0,07 oz / Kg (recommended antioxidant)

Black pepper

White pepper

Pink pepper

Green pepper






Coriander (Cilantro)



Dry red wine (high gradation)


How to make the bresaola homemade

When we buy the piece of meat we have to clean it out of fat and skin, after which it has to be flavored, even in this case, as for salami, aromas and wine selection are very personal.

Spray the salt with the aromas, after which, rub and massage them on the meat, wanting to make small holes to make them penetrate better.

Put the meat in a pan and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

On the next day, wipe it with the wine and add whole flavors like pepper, juniper, laurel, cloves.

Let it marinate it in the fridge for 7 days.

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After spending the week, tie the meat with a string and place it in a Frost Free refrigerator or in a room at a maximum temperature of +/- 18 ° C  (64,4 °F) to season.

The time for seasoning varies from the fridge or from the local and the weight of the meat, 1 kg ( 35,2 oz) of meat is usually ready to be consumed after 30 days.

To prepare the bresaola in the house it is very easy it is important to have a good localization for the seasoning or from the Frost Free refrigerator.

The 1,100 kg  (38,80 oz)  meat piece at the end of the season will weigh about 0,800 Kg (28,22 oz)


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La ricetta per preparare la bresaola in casa


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