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The question of every day: what are we going to eat today?

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The Genomic Diet: 4st chapter  The question of every day: what are we going to eat today?

Every day we ask ourselves, what are we going to eat today?

Choosing the right food to fit our needs and our way of life is sometimes as difficult as riding a bike.

We have to take the difficulty into account in finding the food that fits our tastes, timetables, and sometimes, even the food’s availability and seasonality makes a difference.

A person who works at a hectic pace in modern society may be limited to sandwiches or pizzas for lunch for the whole five days of the week. They have unhealthy dinners every Saturday with their friends.

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They are the lucky few who can afford a first and a second courses in a restaurant or in a canteen, and even in these cases, their choices are not among the most varied. They are likely to eat fish only once a week and soup only when the weather is cold. They eat vegetables in reduced quantities. They enjoy tomatoes and french fries during winter, both of which are not vegetables.

Food variety is becoming poorer. We have become accustomed in the foods we routinely consume and we fail to realize that they are not suitable for our body. Little by little, if our habits do not change, our body will suffer the consequences and we will become ill.

Food overload happens because of the lack of enzymes and the alteration of the bacterial flora in our bodies. They pave the way for the development of gastrointestinal disease.

In underdeveloped countries, because food of shortages, malnutrition decreases the immunity and resilience of communities.


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