sausage and salami


Prepare a sausage and salami to taste

Prepare a salami at home is not difficult.

Salami are a dried sausage a unique food, each salami has its own identity as extra virgin olive oil, wine, beer

There’s not an olive oil equal to another, there is not a wine equal to another, there is not a beer equal to another.

The environment and climate change the taste, flavor, organoleptic components and acidity of ‘olive oil, this also applies to wine, beer for custom blends of brewers, and for salami, salt, spices and seasoning.

A salami of Piacenza (Italy) has a different taste from a chorizio of Mexico and in turn are different from pepperoni.

How many types of sausage and salami there are in Italy and in the world?

Our taste leads us to taste new types, but many times none of these satisfy us.

So why not try to prepare a sausage and salami that meets our needs?

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There are people who prefer a sausage flavored with garlic, but perhaps the amount is excessive or insufficient, others who would like a little spicy, other strong taste, tannic and slightly fragrant, slightly more slender other fat.

Prepare a sausage according to our taste is a fun quest to satisfy our needs.



Pork or/and Beef   

Fat of pork  (30% or 40% of the weight of the meat) 

Salt   (minimum 25 g per kilogram of pork) 

Aromas   to taste  

Vitamin C  1 g for 1 kg 

Sugar 1 teaspoon for 1 kg of meat

Wine  50 ml per kg of meat

These ingredients and the seasoning make the difference the salami

Lean meat can have a weight of between 60% – 70% and the weight of the fat varies from 30% to 40%

Salt content can vary from 25-35 grams per kilo.

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The aromas, which must always be dry or dehydrated, are those that personalize our salami and here we can choose between:
Black pepper, white, green, pink, spicy or sweet pepper, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, juniper, star anise, garlic, etc.

The sugar can be dextrose, cane sugar or beet sugar or lactose.

The Vitamin C prevents the oxidation of meat.

Homemade salami should mature in the cellar or in the Frost Free refrigerator for 30-40 days

Prepare a sausage and salmi, mixing the meat and spices with white wine or red, it is always a choice that can change the flavor,

Salami is better if you eat it with homemade bread





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Preparare un salame artigianale in casa

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