Do you like to eat sandwiches?

Here’s how to prepare a special, fresh and very digestible sandwich.

A special sandwich? The ingredients are: beer and cheese.

Simple not? very fast.

Beer is liquid bread that accompanies all the fresh and fermented cheeses.

On the market there are beers with a very high carbohydrate content.

Bread for 100 g, a content of 40 g of carbohydrates, a 330 ml beer bottle, can hold up to 30 g of carbohydrates in industrial beers.

Unfortunately, not knowing the nutritional values ​​of craft beers, no calculations can be made.

Using bread or beer, liquid bread, will not change anything in your diet about calories

A 330 ml beer with 100 g mozzarella will have 241 kcal from beer and 302 kcal from mozzarella for a total of 543 kcal.

An 80 g sandwich with 100 g of mozzarella will produce 240 kcal from bread and 302 kcal from mozzarella for a total of 542 kcal

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These calculations serve to give the person an insight into caloric and carbohydrate intake as a combination of a meal.

The classic sandwich  80 g  brings 40 g of carbohydrates, the content of carbohydrates in the beer ranges from 11 to 30 g

So when we eat a classic sandwich with mozzarella, accompanied by a beer we will have 40 g of carbohydrates from the bread and, depending on the beer from 11 to 30 g.

The calories of 80 g of bread with 100 g mozzarella, will be 240 kcal from bread, 302 kcal from mozzarella and depending on beer from 150 kcal to 241 kcal, in total the values ​​will vary from 692 to 784 kcal

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We can also add tomato and basil to our liquid sandwich, so we get the pizza with liquid bread. 

special sandwich


People who follow a “low carb” hyperprotectic diet can get a carbohydrate special sandwich using the right beer.

In this case we will have 302 kcal from mozzarella and 139 kcal to 200 kcal depending on the beer.

Beer contains alcohol and this, it turns into acetate, which accumulates in the liver and fat tissue creating the “beer belly”

Celiac and wheat intolerants can produce special sandwich and pizza using gluten-free beans or rice, or sorghum or buckwheat.

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Un panino speciale 


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