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The Genomic Diet: 12st chapter: The Dr. House syndrome


Wellbeing is the condition positive, the healthy person has no problems.
He eats, sleeps, has fun, does sports and work. He recovers in no time and tackles everyday life with a passion to do so.

He has no mood related problems nor mental stress. He is cheerful, friendly and solar.
He eats anything, digests well, and does not weigh down.

Are you reflected as this type of person?

Do you sleep well and gather your strength in a short time?

After you’ve finished eating, do you feel lighter?

Do you work without feeling drowsiness?


If you’re often depressed, cry for no reason, and get easily angry, do you have fears or do you suffer from victimization?

Does your weight increase or decrease for no reason?

Do you suffer from headaches?

Then your body is undergoing stress. You have lost your physical and mental wellbeing and the cause may be due to improper diet and as a result, your digestive system is weakened.


you say,

“but what does my digestive system have anything to do with the fact that I have suffered something or lost a job?”

“I did not get indigestion! “

“I’m stressed out by the head office! I can’t eat!”



Wellbeing, allergies and intolerances

Although you’re right, in the latest research in the field of allergies, intolerances and insufficient lead us to understand that changes, traumatic events, the dangers of life, can all interact with our digestive, immune, and neurological systems.

Almost all of us eat incorrectly. We often watch television and the news which is a succession of traumatic events that leaves us likewise.

Every day, we hear news of wars and fatal accidents, cases of violence, murder, abandonment, etc. The stock market is crashing.

All these news become implemented in us while we eat a sandwich or pasta. Subconsciously, the “trauma” in our immune system is activated.

The succession of these “traumas” happens day to day. It continues to increase until you reach a “threshold level” in our immune system that, for defense, is not being selective. It forces the person to defend himself all the time since the mind is traumatized.

A quarrel between a father and a mother during lunch or dinner can be traumatic for the child. Once the level exceeds a certain limit, intolerances or allergies activate to the food that the child is eating. The child has become allergic.

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A car accident in the spring, can lead to an allergic response against pollens that were present at the time of the event.

The neurokinin NGF is produced in large quantities, and as we saw earlier, respiratory problems like asthma occur.

All these events lead to a psycho-social malaise and our body becomes stressed.
Our bodies and our brains react and defends in the first place.

The allergy is therefore no longer a disease, but a defense of the body.

An allergy to food is a secondary reaction which causes discomfort but it’s one we can live with.
For economic reasons, the majority of people subjects themselves to constant psychosocial and physical stress.
The time devoted to food is becoming less and less.

The power becomes no longer a pleasure but a duty to be addressed as soon as possible at the lowest cost and with the highest yield.
The socio-political reality is also leading us to a globalized intolerance and our body gives us an answer to level with signs of food intolerance that our digestive system undergoes a daily basis.

We are all becoming intolerant and allergic. We are overcoming the “threshold” of endurance.
The messages that the company sends to the body are simple, but they are not listened to.
You have to produce. We are continuing the competition between ourselves and the world.

We must overcome our neighbor, excel with our wives and our children, but where should we go?

Why do we run, and from what?

Do not we realize that we are getting sick of progress?
Our education says that there is a remedy for everything.

We need the right diagnosis and the right medicine at once, but we are sure that it really exists, or is it just aninvention of the pharmaceutical companies?

The Dr. House syndrome

How many “Dr. House” know the right diagnosis?
How do we know that medicine heals every disease?
How many people have become immortal thanks to medicines and how much have become sick?
Do you know an immortal person?
Did you know that in America, the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is attributable to medical errors?  (250,000 people-26/07/2000 Jama 284 (4): 483-5)

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The current pharmacological treatments only treat the disease in the acute phase and tend to exacerbate all the others in such a way that the drug companies monopolize the sick and enslave them through the therapy.

Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which can be controlled through lifestyle and a healthy diet, have made people so dependent on drugs.
Let us remember that health is not only a right, but also a duty.

Our health is our own. We have to deal with ourselves, not to our doctor and even to the miracle pill they give everyone.
The centenarians, statistics in hand, do not live in the industrialized and modernized world.
In the United States of America, we have two centenarians per 100,000 inhabitants. The population in Tibet Hulka has sixty centenarians per 100,000.

Let’s ponder on this data. In America, we have antivirals, antibacterials, all kinds of diagnostic tests, but Tibet does not.
We must also take into account that the Tibetan people have natural selection which leads to fixations which are genetically favorable due to the high altitude and the lower gene flow due from foreign populations.
So what can give us long lives?
Do we take drugs or do we practice prevention and improve the quality of our lives?


IMMORTALITY” does not interest to science; the medicine doesn’t want to lengthen their times of existence, but to provide a time without pain and suffering and thereby ensuring the best wellbeing to as many people as possible.

In particular, the goal of medicine is to always improve the report card of life, fighting against time to preserve as the freedom from disease for as long as possible.

In the end, the task of the physician should be to care for their patients especially when they are well. They must take care of their own when they are in good health.”

Prof. Umberto Veronesi Surgeon Oncologist

President of the Italian Association for Cancer Research




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