The cassoeula or bottaggio

The cassoeula or bottaggio

The cassoeula or bottaggio, is a dish made with pork and cabbage

The cassoeula or cassoeûla or bottaggio, is a very appetizing recipe typical of Milan It.

In the Varese area, the cassoeula is called “bottaggio”

The name cassoeula can derive from the Milanese dialect that indicates or the “casseou” the spoon with which it mixes or “casserole” or “casserola” pot where the on the kitchen

The cassoeula is a recipe based on pork, accompanied by cabbage and flavored with various spices.

This dish was consumed between the end of October and 17 January, the time of slaughtering pigs.

the casseoeula or bottaggio

Ingredients for 6 people

Pork rind 500 g
Pork chops 500 g
Pork loin 500 g
Salamini or / and sausage 500 g
Cabbage 1,5 kg
Concentrated tomato 3 soup spoons
Celery 300 g
Carrot 400 g
Onion 100 g
Salt to taste
Black pepper q.b.

Preparation  Video 

The preparation takes time (minimum 3-4 hours), but the final result is exceptional.

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It is advisable to prepare it at least 1 day before and heat it for 1 hour on low heat the following day
Clean and cut into pieces celery, carrot and onion put them in the pan to dry with extra virgin olive oil for 10 minutes on low heat.
Add the pigskin, ribs and loin (you can also add feet, snout and ears of pork), salt.

After a few minutes, when the water left from the meat is consumed, sprinkle with the red or white wine of your choice, let it evaporate over a high heat.
Add the concentrated tomato, complete add sausage and salami.
Put the cabbage so that while cooking, release water to make the sauce.
The cassoeula or bottaggio served with polenta and a full-bodied red wine Barbera or Dolcetto

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This is the typical recipe of Milan IT, do not use smoked salami or bacon.


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