Homemade bread

Homemade bread with three flours.

Homemade bread prepared with three different flours.


Bread is a fairly easy food to prepare and own home.

Today there are many varieties of flour ready for baking, but preparing bread is something amazing

To prepare a good bread we must take into account the strength of the flour, that is the capacity of the flour itself to absorb the liquids during the dough and retain the carbon dioxide during the leavening process.

The recipe that follows is made with 3 flours containing 3 different amounts of protein, so we have a dough with a remarkable hardness without using the Manitoba flour that has a W 380 – 420.

Used flours *

Durum wheat flour flour with proteins g 15 (W 340 – 400)

Protein wholemeal flour g 15 (W 340-400)

Flour 00 protein content g 10 (W 130 – 200)
homemade bread

Ingredients for making homemade bread with 3 flours

Durum wheat flour 200 g

Wholemeal flour 300 g

Flour 00 50 g

Brewer’s yeast 20 g

Water 300 ml

Salt 10 g

Sugar 10 g

Extra virgin olive oil 30 g

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Lievitino process

Mix 150 g of whole wheat flour in a container with 150 ml of warm water, where have been dissolved 20 g of yeast and 10 g of sugar

Once kneaded everything carefully, cover with transparent film for foods and place in the oven at 40 ° for 30 minutes or in an environment of at least 25 ° let it rise until it has doubled in volume.

Flour dough

Once the lievitino is ready, knead 150 g of whole wheat flour with 200 g of  durum wheat flour,  150 ml of wholemeal flour, water with 10 g of salt and 30 g of EVO oil.

Knead for about 10 minutes adding the white flour to reduce the humidity until you have a soft but moist dough.

At this point you can do 2 different operations

The first is to put it immediately in a form and wait for it to grow and then insert it into the oven at  200 °

In the oven, when cooking, it is advisable to put a container with cold water or 3 ice cubes on the bottom

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The second operations is to put the dough back in the container, cover it with a film of oil and the transparent film for foods.

After about 30 minutes the dough will have doubled the volume, we will reshuffle it and put it in the mold for another 30 minutes, when it will be leavened it will be put in the oven at 200 ° for about 40 minutes

Also in this case in the oven, during cooking, it is advisable to put a container with cold water or 3 ice cubes on the bottom.

Once cooked, the bread must be removed from its shape and left to cool wrapped in a cloth and then it can be consumed with our salami or our bresaola or with our cheese.

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* the values were taken from the analysis on the packages

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